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Importing an Existing Collection
Importing an Existing Collection

Have a collection that you created elsewhere and are looking to bring it to Aspen? Follow this guide.

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If you would like to create an Aspen storefront for an existing NFT collection that you created elsewhere, start by going to our Studio.

  1. Connect your wallet. Make sure to connect with the wallet that is the owner of the NFT contract that you are looking to import.

  2. Click on "Claim existing collection".

  3. Select the chain and enter the contract address, click "Next".

  4. If you are not already connected with the wallet that owns your collection, you will now be asked to connect with it in order to prove ownership. Once connected with the owner wallet, click "Next". You will now be asked to sign a transaction in your wallet to prove your ownership of the collection.

  5. Sign the transaction in your wallet.

  6. Read and accept the Aspen Terms of Service. Check the box and click "Accept Terms".

  7. Congratulations! You have successfully claimed your collection and now have an Aspen storefront! You have the option to edit your storefront now or you can always come back to it by going to

  8. IMPORTANT - Please make sure that everything is imported correctly! You may need to add in your creator name (individual or company) and we strongly encourage you to check on your royalties!

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