Aspen is accessible to everybody. You can log into our platform and mint your NFTs, whether a crypto wallet or email wallet.

If you haven't installed your wallet in your system, you can make a connection through your email. Please follow these few instructions, and look below for the answers to your questions.

Q: What happens when I add my email address and hit “send approval link to my email”?

A: We provide you with a wallet you can access via social login or e-mail. You will receive a link that you can click on and authenticate.

Q: Where can I find my address?

A: You can find your wallet at the upper right of the platform. Click on the green circle to access your wallet. Also, you can find the complete wallet by hitting on "Private Swap."

Q: Can I mint without a crypto wallet?

A: Yes, if you don’t have a crypto wallet, you can mint with your email as many collections as possible.

Q: Where can I find my NFTs?

A: You can find your NFTs at the upper left; you should click on Portfolio. Using our Social Share Link, you can organize NFTs into Custom Folders, access Gallery View for elevated NFT displays, and Flex your NFTs.

Q: Should I use the same email address I logged into before?

A: We highly recommend it.

Q: What happens if I have an account with both an email wallet + crypto wallet?

A: You can add multiple wallets simultaneously but connect one.

Q: Can I access my email wallet via another decentralized app?

A: Each decentralized APP that uses a magic link for authentication has a different unique wallet, which means you get a new wallet each time you use it on other platforms.

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