If you have setup your email wallet on Aspen and have some NFTs in there, you can follow this process if you wish to transfer those NFTs to a crypto wallet that you control.

  1. Log in to your account with your email wallet.

  2. Click on "Private Swap" on the left hand side menu bar.

  3. You will see the following page and the first thing you need to do here is copy your wallet address to your clipboard.

  4. Go to your crypto wallet and send a small amount of Eth to your email wallet address. This is to cover the gas fee needed to approve the collection(s) for transfer. The amount needed will vary based on network conditions, so please use your judgement. .01 Eth should be enough for a single approval in most cases. Please note that for other supported chains, you will send the native coin of those chains, in this example we'll use Ethereum. Also note that if you send more Eth than is needed, we will be adding a feature to send all Eth from your email wallet to your crypto wallet, so stay tuned for that.

  5. Once your email wallet has received the funds for gas, propose a swap from your email wallet to your crypto wallet. Click on "Browse your NFTs" on the side of your email wallet to select the NFT(s) you wish to transfer. Enter your crypto wallet address in the "Counterparty's Address" field. Add 0.0001 Weth on the side of your crypto wallet (minimum amount) - this is required as swaps currently must have something on each side.

  6. When that is done, click "Generate Offer". You will receive a confirmation message as follows:

  7. Log out of your email wallet account by clicking on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the site, going to the "Settings" tab of your profile, and clicking "Logout".

  8. Log in to Aspen with your crypto wallet. You should see an exclamation point by "Your Activity" on the left hand side menu bar. This indicates that you of a pending offer. Click on "Your Activity" to view and accept the swap.

  9. Accept the swap and approve the transaction with your crypto wallet. Once completed, you will now have transferred your NFTs from your email wallet to your crypto wallet.


We know this process isn't ideal and we are constantly seeking to improve things. Be on the look out for a much more user friendly process in the coming months, when you can expect this to be accomplished in a few clicks. Thank you.

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