If you have used our Creator Tools to launch an NFT collection on a testnet, you may want to mint some tokens from your collection. For this, you will need a crypto wallet, such as Metamask. Your wallet should be configured for the testnet your collection is deployed on and you should have enough of the correct token to cover the cost of the mint plus gas. This short guide will assist you.

Minting NFTs on Mumbai, a testnet of Polygon

  1. Configure your wallet with the Mumbai network.

  2. Get Mumbai Matic.

    • Use the free faucet at https://mumbaifaucet.com/ to have .5 Mumbai Matic sent to your wallet instantly.

    • You can do this once per day.

  3. Connect to Aspen with your wallet and make sure you have the Mumbai network selected. Navigate to your collection page and mint your NFTs!

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