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Adding Terms and Conditions to your Collection
Adding Terms and Conditions to your Collection

Get legal certainty with your collection and protect your IP.

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Aspen allows NFT creators to embed custom terms into their collections. This is optional for the collection owner, however if they elect to require terms then those terms must be accepted by the collector who mints or purchases their NFTs.

By embedding terms into their NFTs, collection owners can better protect their IP and make clear to the purchaser what can and can't be done with the NFTs.

We offer several templates to choose from, such as the a16z Can't Be Evil NFT licenses OR you can upload your own set of terms.

Please note that NFTs with terms required are not transferrable or tradable on other platforms until the purchasing/receiving wallet comes to your Aspen storefront to accept the terms.

Aspen also gives you the ability to include terms, but keeping it optional for the collector. This way the NFTs remain transferrable regardless of terms acceptance, but you can encourage your community to accept the terms on chain and get a list of those who have done so for potential utility gating purposes.

If you are interested in creating an NFT collection with custom terms embedded, please reach out to [email protected].

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