At Aspen, we have a saying, NFTs Your Way. We believe that you should be able to view and arrange your NFTs the way that you want to. Much like a toy collector wants to arrange the toys on their toy shelf, NFT collectors should be able to do the same. Portfolio Management is one of the pillars of the Aspen platform and here is what that means and how that works:

Connect Multiple Wallets

Do you have NFTs in multiple Ethereum wallets? In Aspen, you can connect all of your Ethereum wallets and then view and manage all of your NFTs on one screen.

Within Aspen, click on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. On the "Wallets" tab of your profile page, click on the "Add Wallet" button, connect your additional wallets and that's it!


Custom Folders

Everyone likes to arrange their things in containers, or folders right? Think of your computer files as a prime example. Why wouldn't you be able to do that with your NFTs as well? That's the question we asked and answered at Aspen. Now you can.

Within Aspen, from your Portfolio page, you will have a home page (all your NFTs by default), a "My NFT Folders" tab, and a "All NFTs" tab. Click on "My NFT Folders" to begin creating your folders.


Now click on the large "Create New Folder" button and select the NFTs that you want in the folder. You can always add NFTs to the folder, or remove them.


Once your folder is created, you can rename it by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right of your folder. You can also set that folder as your home page from the same menu.


Gallery View

Want to elevate your NFT viewing experience? Try switching to Gallery View. By default, you see your NFTs on a card with some other information. Sometimes that information is useful, but maybe sometimes you think it is just in the way. With Gallery View toggled on, those cards go away and you are left with just the images of your NFTs. Now you can view a beautiful collage of your favorite NFTs with no clutter! Then try sharing a link to your folder in gallery view to flex to others.

Gallery View Toggle and Shareable Link


Drag and Drop Rearrange

When it comes to sorting your NFTs, sometimes you just want to take control of things yourself. With Aspen, you now have the ability to drag and drop sort your NFTs! This truly delivers NFTs Your Way!

Within a custom folder that you've created and added NFTs to, click on the "Power Actions" button on the top of the screen. Then select "Edit".


Once that is done, your NFTs will be in edit mode and look like this:


While in edit mode, you can drag and drop to rearrange and you can also click the eye icon to hide NFTs.

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