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Completing your profile
Completing your profile
Updated over a week ago

Once you've installed a wallet on your device and connected that wallet to Aspen, there's only a few steps left to complete your profile.

First, click on the circle icon in the upper right of the screen to open your profile drawer:

In the profile drawer you will notice three tabs, "Wallets", "Balance", and "Settings":

On the "Wallets" tab, you can connect additional wallets and disconnect or remove existing wallets. Here is an example of having multiple wallets in the same account:

Please note that you can have multiple Aspen account, one for each wallet, OR have all of your wallets in the same Aspen account. In most instances, it is preferable to have all of your wallets under the same Aspen account.

You can see your balance of Eth and Weth, and convert between the two on the "Balance" tab.

The "Settings" tab allows you to toggle between light and dark mode, add/edit your username, connect and verify your email and Discord accounts, select your blockchain network, and log out or delete your account.

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