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$ASPEN Utility Token Program
$ASPEN Utility Token Program
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The Aspen platform includes a utility token we call (creatively) $ASPEN. The $ASPEN token provides the community using the platform with a reason to use and evolve the platform.


The $ASPEN token is an ERC-20 token deployed on Ethereum. It is a fixed supply token with 100 million tokens generated upon the deployment of the smart contracts controlling the token.

The token address is: 0x87946Dc43C7881C1C16081aFEb4474e224450adD. Verification of source code and audit reports can be found on Etherscan. The contract is MIT-licensed and was based on a long line of well-known ERC-20 contracts.


The token utility is currently under review. After engaging our community and advisors, we expect to integrate the token into our platform later this year (2023).


The token allocation is as follows:

Community Rewards 45% or 45,000,000

Team Rewards 25% or 25,000,000

Strategic Advisors 15% or 15,000,000

Monax Labs Shareholders 10% or 10,000,000

Platform Treasury 5% or 5,000,000


No immediate plans exist for the $ASPEN token to be tradeable on any centralized exchanges. A small amount of $ASPEN is currently available on the Uniswap DEX; information related to the $ASPEN/WETH pair is available here.

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